With over 50 years experience, more than 750 quality
and 37 HIA & QMBA Awards,
you can trust Bundy Homes to
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About Us

About Bundy Homes

Bundy Homes first began as an idea to incorporate the two main types of building organizations to provide home owners the benefit of both worlds...

The buying power of the big boys and their ability to secure identical products at reduced rates AND the terrific top quality and service offered by some one man builders. When Bundy Homes started 20 years ago, arguably the best builder in the town of Bundaberg, John Zande, was hand-picked to control the organization.

When John was asked who the best tradespeople and products in the district were, he rattled off a list but insisted on adding, "You'll never get these guys because they work for this builder or that etc."

This challenge up and, low and behold, we now have most of the best tradespeople in town available to build our homes. "It took enormous effort, but if you build with Bundy Homes, you get the benefit of the work we've put in," Michael said.

Bundy Homes is renowned for:

  • Terrific efficiency - The top tradespeople work together and go from one job to the next
  • Unbelievable quality of workmanship - if it's not right, John gets them to rectify it straight away
  • Fun - Why not? It should be an exciting time for you!

"We are now one of Bundaberg's busiest builders with the best quality and buying power in Bundaberg and district," Michael said. "We happily sit down with a cup of tea or coffee or communicate electronically to ensure everything happens properly."

When you build with Bundy Homes, you can be sure that you are getting a fantastic range of services including:

  • A free colour consultancy service;
  • In house plan drafting if required;
  • Michael Randall available to show you homes under construction;
  • The pickiest builder / building supervisor in Bundaberg in town to ensure nothing is missed;
  • Local engineers to make sure your home is built to suit the correct cyclone codes and site conditions
  • Heidi at the front desk to handle any queries during construction