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Building A Home

See us building a home...

Stage 1

The Pad

We take no chances when your entire home is sitting on a pad, which is necessary on many building sites in the Bundaberg area. “D” class roadbase compacted at 150mm layers by a roller.

Stage 2

The Slab

Stewy Grills, the best concreter in Bundaberg, pours all of our foundations. We usually use Kordon (the orange material hanging off the edge of the slab) as our termite protection. It’s not just what it is, but how we use it that’s important!

Stage 3

Frames and Trusses

These are prefabricated and stress tested before coming to the jobsite. One of our 3 teams of seasoned, experienced carpenters will erect these. We spend considerable time on jobsite safety, especially falls from heights, to ensure that none of our trades people are exposed to unnecessary risks in the construction of your home.

Stage 4


The windows and doors are in, the external sisalation is on, colorbond (not the cheap painted tin, but the BHP trademarked one ) fascia and gutter is installed and the concrete roof tiles are ready to go.

Stage 5


Being a rendered home we are using common bricks. Jason and Conan and the boys are doing a great job for us here.

Stage 6


The eaves are in and the bricking is finished. Note that we brick first then install the eaves, not vice versa. It means that your house is “sealed” from the outside. We always have air vents in our eaves.

Stage 7

Fit Out

All of the internal carpentry fit out is here in a neat pile ready to go. The Grills Brothers have done all the plastering except for the cornices that will go in later.

Stage 8

Wet Seal - Bath

We have never in the 750 odd homes we have built had a problem with water in wet areas going anywhere other than where it should. Here you can see the membrane installed around the bath to stop the flow of water if it gets this far. Jeff Dunn, a qualified builder himself, does all of our wet sealing.

Stage 9

Wet Seal - Laundry

We always have wet sealed laundries because that’s where we think you need it most, with washing machines and so forth.

Stage 10

Wet Seal - Shower

Tile shower bases are more practical and maintenance free than prefabricated bases, so that’s standard if you build with Bundy Homes. Craig Gilider will ensure all your plumbing is done to a great standard.

Stage 11


Tim and his workers are hard at it. This is the standard “render and paint” process, but we have also had plenty of experience at Texture coating.

Stage 12

Painted Render

The finished product looks very smart and Charlie and the guys have done their usual excellent job inside and out.

Stage 13

Storm Water

We try to get this process done early so weather does not get in the way of your home being finished.

Stage 14

Driveways and Paths

Not far to go now. Paul Fidock has the areas boxed up, reinforcing mesh in, and all ready to go …except for the storm clouds overhead. And we always concrete cut the kerb so that the driveway goes right down onto the road.

Stage 15


Driveways and paths are in the landscaping has started. NB: The brick letterbox still has to be built.

Stage 16


Rod and Sarah have just to fix the palings and it's done.

Stage 17


Another quality product from Bundy Homes.

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