With over 50 years experience, more than 750 quality
and 37 HIA & QMBA Awards,
you can trust Bundy Homes to
build your future!

Building Plans

Our buliding plan or we can design yours from scratch

We have built over 750 top quality homes using various building techniques and styles. These include standard one and two storey brick and block homes, beach house styles with numerous flooring system options, and rendered and texture-coated homes.

We build on your land in Bundaberg, the coast, Childers, Gin Gin and Moore Park. Below you will find a few examples of our various building techniques and styles.

We want to build the home you want, that suits your block, your natural climatic conditions and your budget. These are only a few of over 300 plans we have in our library. You can change any of our plans to suit your requirements or we can create your own unique plan from scratch - it's up to you. And it will not cost any more whichever way you decide.

We use the best building designer in Bundaberg to develop your plan. But you can bring your own plan.

We look forward to building your home!

House Prices

You may wonder why there are no prices for our homes on the website. it is NOT because we are expensive! Bundy Homes is a “middle of the road” cost builder. And our quality is up there with the very best builder around.

The answer is simple... we want to be straight with you from the very start. The facts are that the cost of building the same house in different locations, on different soil types, with different site circumstances can vary dramatically. The costs that are quoted on any website are by definition the “cheapest possible cost” and normally spiral well up from that cost. So we prefer not to provide you with a cost just to “sucker you in” (no offence intended). Once we talk with you about where your block is and what coasts are appropriate for that block, we are only too happy to proved you with a cost. But it will be a very accurate one!

Please click on a Contemporary, Executive, Affordable or Rural below to view our full range of plans

All plans and designs are the copyright of Bundy Homes and Lines Drafting Service. For more information, please read our copyright statement.