With over 50 years experience, more than 750 quality
and 37 HIA & QMBA Awards,
you can trust Bundy Homes to
build your future!

Our Service Contract

We commit to:

  1. Being upfront and honest with you at all times. From your first discussion with us to the handover of your new home. Even if it is not what you want to hear, we will tell you what we believe the situation to be.
  2. Listening to what you want. Lots of builders want to build what they want to build. We will listen to what you want and work out the best outcome from your point of view, not ours.
  3. Not 'going broke' on you. We are a debt free company who pays all of our sub contractors and suppliers within 7 days. We have built over 650 homes in the local area and have no debt.
  4. Building you the best priced top quality home in the area. Our homes are engineer designed and independently inspected at the foundation, frame and completion stages. We take no shortcuts on your home. Bundy Homes always has many homes under construciton so we keep the best quality tradespeople by assuring them of continuity of work.
  5. Charging a set profit margin for building your new home. Bundy Homes will never "buy" a job. This assures you get value for money and shows that lower quotations mean exclusions, poorer quality, or the chance that another builder could go broke on your job.
  6. Purchase top quality materials and the very best tradespeople for your new home cost effectively. Bundy Homes' huge purchasing power means we buy as competitively as any other builder in Regional Queensland. We constantly monitor our costs.
  7. Providing you with a real fixed price contract. Once a contract is signed, that's the price (apart from the normal PC items that are selected by you). We encourage you to talk to any of our past clients to verify this.
  8. Providing you a full drafting service free of charge to enable you to quickly arrive at your ideal design. We employ one of the best draftspersons in Bundaberg to individually design your new home.
  9. Having one very meticulous supervisor overseeing the construction of your home. Bundy Homes' Building Supervisor John Zande has been in the building industry in the area for over 35 years, and has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of building. John never compromises on top quality workmanship and is available for on site meetings with you as required.
  10. Complete your new home in the agreed time frame. We guarantee it! Bundy Homes are efficient builders.
  11. Offer you great after sales service. We stand behind all the homes we build (over 650 thus far) and will be around to honour all warranties.